Rail Transit Solutions Inc. serves the rail transit industry by supplying and distributing truck parts and interior and exterior rail car parts. We assemble component parts to meet customer specifications.
Our products include the following:
Interior: Windows, window masks, window gaskets, doors, seats, plymetal floor panels, cab heaters, hand brakes, electric lockers, hand rails, hand grabs, wind screen and stanchions, luggage racks, and more.
Exterior: Windshields, trap doors, windows, between car barriers, thresholds and more.
Suspension: Wear plates, shock mount kits, Monroe shock absorbers, bolster stops, brackets, hangers, pins and bushings, tie rods, pedestal liners, horizontal links, elastomeric products and more.
Underfloor: Brake control boxes, battery boxes, inter-car jumper boxes, HVAC control boxes, propulsion control boxes and more.
"Build to Print" Assembly: Various truck parts, electric locker assemblies including wiring, equipment boxes and more.

  Monroe Shock Absorbers

Our shock absorbers are specifically engineered and manufactured to optimize performance, durability and value.

The long-lasting strength and comfort of our shock absorbers consistently pass the test.

These leading transit authorities trust and depend on our shock absorber products:

  • New York City Transit Authority
  • Long Island Railroad
  • Chicago Transit Authority
  • Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • Amtrak
  • Metro-North Railroad
  • New Jersey Transit
Monroe shock absorbers and other railway suspension products including Tenneco Automotive products.

Save time and money with Rail Transit Solutions, Inc. railway suspension and shock absorbers